General Contractor (GC) Services – our GC is the project lead who designates the budget, handles projections for the plan, sets deadlines, hires the team, sources supplies, and hires subcontractors, among many other tasks. He is licensed under GA License# RLCI000328 for both residential and light commercial construction.

Residential Construction

Residential construction means construction on single-family or two-family dwellings occupied or used, or intended to be occupied or used, primarily for residential purposes.

Light Commercial Construction

Light commercial construction can best be described as small-scale construction projects, such as offices, restaurants, small medical facilities, banks, free-standing retail centers, warehouses, and small manufacturing centers and are less than four stories and cover about 25,000 square feet or less.

Project Categories

New Construction Project – Any building project that creates a structure from the ground up and is designed and built to last. It has been built on-site and is ready to go.

Repair Project – Restoring proper function to a structure. Typically the structure has suffered damage of some sort such as wind damage, water damage, termite damage, dry-rot, etc.

Renovation Project – Restore a structure back to a good or “like new” condition, typically aesthetic.

Retrofit Project – Improve the functionality of a home or building by adding new technology.

Remodeling/Addon Project – Any building project that will alter a structure, from the original construction.

Project Options

Deconstruction – is a more methodical process in which materials from the original structure are assessed for reuse value, dismantled with the intent of maximizing this potential, and then reclaimed for recycling on the current project or other future projects. 

Demolition – is a less precise method in which all materials from a structure are sent either to recycling or the landfill.